Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spirit Animal Portfolio Exchange

Some of the print and destroy members are contributing to a portfolio exchange organized by San Lucia Press (specifically Karen Berger - she is an amazing printmaker and everyone should know about her so check her out (amazing isn't even a grand enough word to describe her printmaking abilities)) 

I am going to get the other members to post their prints on here as well, but for now here is mine:

3 layer reduction lino cut
 printed on a Vandercook letterpress named "Ruth" by: MORGAN BASS

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


 PRINT AND DESTROYS OPEN PORTFOLIO TABLE AT SGCdisplaying work by Erin Martinez (work on the far left), Megan Fix (to the right of Erin's stuff),Jalissa Taylor (the row to the right of Megan's stuff), Morgan Bass (above the tackle box stickers)Aprons on the left were donated to Print and Destroy by the Pacific NW College of Art Printmaking Department, designed and screen printed by Morgan Bass 

 MORE TABLE SHOTS (silk screen by Morgan Bass)

 TABLE (little house screen printed and hand assembled by Megan Fix)




 MORE TABLE SHOTS (hand made cat and whale pins by Megan Fix)

OUR PAL COLIN LEDBETTER (the guy who took all these glorious photos)

(Erin in front and Megan following behind) 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

you found me

Before leaving to Saint Louis I was in a scramble to finish my load of assignments for Pnca. I was over stressed but making great progress and in my stress I made these little cards a little something I live by, that turned out come in handy.

we ran into trouble on our way home from Missouri numerous missed flights due to weather and bad service via Frontier Airlines. So if you found one of these I was there Denver, St. Louis, Billings, Seattle. They were left in bathrooms, airports, coffee stands, buses and empty seats. All with a simple message call yo mama if your in trouble. Still as a young adult I can count on my mother to dig me out of the trouble I get into. So these little cards allowed me to share my love for her in multiple places.


Monday, March 21, 2011


(from top center going clockwise: Megan Fix, Jalissa Taylor, Morgan Bass, and Erin Martinez)

(left to right: Jalissa Taylor, Megan Fix, and Erin Martinez)

So the Southern Graphics Conference was amazing all four (Morgan Bass (thats me), Megan Fix, Erin Martinez, and Jalissa Taylor) of the Print and Destroy members had a blast. Tom Huck and Evil Prints had some awesome parties with party busses, $1 beers, live bands, and an awesome see-saw litho press. All in all, the conference was amazing and a great experience to meet with people and get the word out about our little collective.
Thanks for all the support everyone showed, it really proved that printmakers are an awesome community and its nice to know there is a family out there that has your back in times of need. So thanks a lot for being there printmakers.
Still working on getting some T-shirts made and brainstorming some other ideas for merchandise.
Updates and more photos are coming.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hey Ya'all

We are a group of students from the Pacific Northwest College of Art who are determined to get more funding for a trip to St. Louis, MO for the Southern Graphics Conference and decided to form a group and sell some of our work that we have been collecting over our stay here at PNCA, and so far it is working. We have a multitude and wide variety of prints, from lithographs to woodblocks, I think we cover almost every printmaking medium.

As of right now we have made Print and Destroy aprons and stickers! Here are all of our current designs.
We charge $20 for an apron
$3 for a sticker that is about 5"x7"
and we are working on getting some t-shirts out into the world with some new designs
email us if you are interested in any of our designs or have comments or questions!!!
Print and Destroy